Saxon Douglass


I'm a hobbyist game maker

My interest in game development began when I was in late primary school with my introduction to what was then called Mark Overmars' Game Maker. I don't remember finishing anything except for a PacMan-clone where you were a Nintendo DS eating up game cartridges and avoiding Playstation Portables.

I remained interested in game development throughout high school. I taught myself how to program and created a game with my friend Finn Stokes for the Oliphant Science Awards, and we placed second to his brother Rory Stokes.

While studying computer science my focus changed from game development to game design, and I pushed myself to make more games. Those games are hosted on this website.

I'm a medical student.

While studying computer science I felt like a change of pace, so I finished my degree and applied for medicine. I'm not sure why I decided to study medicine, but it might be because of the doctors and nurses in my family that were such strong role models when I was young.

I'm glad I made the change because I find the field fascinating, and am currently thinking I want to go into neurology.

I'm a graduate of the University of Adelaide.

I received my Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Adelaide in 2011.

I'm a co-founder of Jamalaide.

During my time at the University of Adelaide I became aware of game jams. They seemed new and exciting, but I didn't know of anyone running them in Adelaide. This motivated Harriet Lloyd, Finn Stokes, and I to found Jamalaide - a game jam club in Adelaide.

I'm from Adelaide.

I was raised and still live in Adelaide, the city of churches.