Saxon Douglass


In Hunt the hunter becomes the hunted in a fast-paced local multiplayer chase game.

To play you need two to four players each with a gamepad. On starting the game, use left and right on the joystick to select a character, then press A when you are ready. Once at least two players are ready you can press start to begin a game with those players.


  • Left joystick (axis 1): Move/aim boost
  • A button: Use boost

Hold down A while aiming the boost, then let go to fire. Boosting in no direction stops you instantly and makes you invulnerable for a short time.

Hunt the other players when you are red and run away when you are not. The hunter changes every ten seconds.

The web version should work in Google Chrome, but may not work in other browsers due to gamepad support.

A lot of our graphical assets are taken from or based on art from the open bundle (

Made for Ludum Dare 27 (10 seconds) together with Finn and Rory Stokes, Harriet Lloyd, and many others.